The following ride classifications are used by the WPW Bicycle Club to help riders find the rides most suitable to their capabilities.

Note:  Rating is the average speed for the entire ride.  Ride leaders may designate the higher or lower ends of the classifications by using the + or – signs.  For example, C+ or B-.

Ride descriptions should follow the Speed/Terrain/Distance format.  Example: B/2/55 would denote a 55 mile ride at an average speed around 17 mph with some long and/or steep hills.

Speed Ratings
Rating Description
A 19+mph Advanced pace, few stops
B 16-18mph Vigorous pace, occasional stops
C 12-15mph Steady pace, stops every hour
D 10-12mph Moderate pace, frequent stops
E 10-12mph Moderate pace, focus on riding as a group

Note: For rides listed as an A or B speed rating, the ride leader is not obligated to wait for slower riders if a map and cue sheet have been provided. They may do so at their discretion.

Terrain Ratings
Rating Description
1 Hill mania. Hills, hills and more hills
2 Some long and/or steep hills
3 Mostly rolling with moderate hills
4 Mostly flat to rolling with an occasional hill
5 Flat rail-trail with no hills

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