• Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
  • All members of Advocacy Organizations and Bicycle Clubs that have completed the enrollment process and have paid the appropriate premium (“insured clubs”) are covered while participating in recreational bicycle rides and time trials where no participation fee is charged. NOTE: this coverage does not apply to Advocacy Organizations who indicate, at time of enrollment, that they do not conduct such activities. First time invited guests are also covered for these activities. In order for a recreational bicycle ride or time trial to be covered, it must be conducted and supervised by the insured club.
  • Registered participants (including volunteers) in recreational bicycle rides or time trials conducted by the insured club where a participation fee is charged (“special events”), but only if they are reported to American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc. prior to the event and the appropriate premium is paid. NOTE: for Bicycle Clubs only, if a participation fee is charged but participation in the ride is strictly limited to club members, it is not necessary to report and pay for the ride as a special event.
  • All attendees of bicycle education courses organized by an insured club that, upon enrollment, indicates it organizes bicycle education courses that include an on-bicycle component. Bicycle education course means a program of instruction focused on bicycle safety and related topics in which the attendees sign up, enroll, or register by name.
  • Racing. Racing means an activity in which individuals are engaged in direct, speed competition with other riders. An activity that includes a timed element, such as a designated time for completion, or an individual being timed for personal best, does not, in itself, constitute racing.
  • Time trials involving competition or racing between individuals (a covered time trial is an individual timing activity).
  • Commercially operated tours.


  • Accident Medical Coverage: $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $5,000 per person, per accident.