Help Us, Help You

The club would appreciate your help.  Maybe you have a special skill that could benefit the club.  No, we’re not talking about leading an A++ ride here.  Although we are interested in more people stepping up to lead rides.  See our Become a Ride Leader page for more information on that.

We’d like to tap into your imagination.  What are your ideas to help the club improve?  Is there something you can do to help?  We’d like to know.  Whether it be just a little help at our events or graphic design work or standing on your head with your bike balanced on the tip of your nose (yep – you could be a great side show act at our events) – we welcome you to help us, help you.

Feel free to contact any of the officers or board members by clicking here.  Let them know what you propose.  We are listening…and based on your feedback, things are happening.