Canton Ave Cleanup for the Dirty Dozen

Thanks to Jason McCullough, Chris Helbling, and Jason Korey for coming out to clean up.  Joe, who lives on Canton and came out to work with us is in the forefront of the picture.

Canton Avenue Cleanup for the Dirty Dozen

Jason reports what he learned from Joe:

“Here are some history I learned about Canton today.  This was from the guy who lives in the top house on the cobblestone part of Canton Ave.  The red one.  His name is ‘Joe’, and he came out & helped us to clean:

1) The house he lives in was built in 1903 by his father, and Joe is one of 10 kids.

2) There was no street there then.  There was just a ‘boardwalk’, by which I assume Joe meant wooden steps. Not sure.  At this time, there was a ravine where Canton is now.

3) The neighborhood was called ‘Liberty Project’ and not Beechview at that time.

4) The boardwalk fell into disrepair – and the mayor at the time – Pete Flaherty – came out to look at it.  He said he would put in cement steps.  Then he walked away – turned around and said ‘how about a street – I think you need a street, too.’  That was the birth of Canton Ave.  Joe didn’t know what year that was, but it was Pete Flaherty and Joe mentioned that Caliguiri was council president at the time.  So that would be somewhere close to 1977.

5) Once Canton was made, Joe dug out the hillside for his driveway.  He still parks there now.
Joe has previously asked that Canton Ave be repaired (he drives it), but was told that no one in the city knows how to repair such a street anymore.”




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